IRCTC PNR Status Prediction and Confirmation

It is not always possible that you get a confirmed Indian Railway ticket, specially at time of festivals. But there are people who have skill to predict IRCTC PNR status. ‘PNR Prediction’ is a very important term in Indian Railways as many people have their faith in it. It is a tricky concept which usually depends on a historical data present with Indian Railway Authorities but not open to public which help them predict the chances of getting tickets confirmed. Prediction is computed using data analytics and machine learning techniques to get occupancy rate (almost all trains run on 80 to 100 % occupancy) based on various factors like past booking and cancellation trends, station quotas, days of the week, seasonality, holidays etc. to determine new routes / trains to help passengers travel with ease.

Generally waiting list PNR Status during peak seasons (festivals) has very fewer chances to get confirmed. This is due to a large number of travelers travelling to their hometowns. But most of the passengers travelling by Indian Railways predict the possibility of getting tickets confirmed based on the current status of tickets as 90% of the cancellations happen between 72 and 36 hours before the arrival of train. So, using previously available data and classification techniques, probability can be predicted.

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