How to check live train status?

If you want to know the current and exact status of your train, you just have to enter your train’s name or its 5-digit number on the search bar and hit ‘Find Train’. You can then spot your train and know complete train running status as it gets reflected on your screen with extensive details such as where exactly the train is, when will it arrive from that particular station or when will it depart, train is between which two stations, and whether it is running as per the schedule timing or is itlate. Erail gives you an opportunity to enable notification and get notified with every train’s moment until it arrives at your departing station. One can check the train’s status on desktop, mobile or on tablet using as it is compatible on all platforms and devices. You no longer have to call up and face engaged dial tones of the Indian Railways Enquiry Office or visit directly to figure out the latest train running status. When you enter your train name or number the link will reflect the following:

Present Train location – Station Name
Time of Arrival
Time of Departure
Stoppage Duration
Distance between two stations
Information about delay
Both Time of Arrival and Departure are updated real time and reflect the live train running status. Through this, Indian Railways passengers can figure out when will the train arrive or depart from a station.

Indian Railways, the fourth largest railway network in the world, has over 11,000 trains running per day. In a survey done in 2015-16, an average of 13,313 passenger trains ran daily, carrying an estimated 22 million passengers a day, covering over 7,000 stations.

With such a huge number of passengers travelling in train daily, it is very much important for a traveler to know their trains accurate running time to ensure their comfortable and safe journey. Eraill, the best train enquiry system with its introduction is now helping lakhs of people every day to plan their journey time-efficiently and hassle free by checking their live train status online.

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