Budget 2023: Kavach – World’s most affordable automatic train accident protection technology

Union Budget 2023: In last year’s Union Budget 2022-2 Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced, a capital expenditure of Rs 1,37,000 crore has been allocated to the Ministry of Railways. According to Sitharaman, 2,000 kilometres of the Indian Railways network will be brought under Kavach as a part of the Modi Government’s ambitious Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative. This announcement was made for safety and capacity augmentation in 2022-23. Through this technology there is the probability of a single error in 10,000 years. Let us take a look at the progress report of Kavach:

Progress report of Kavach:

Till 31st December 2022, 1,455 route kilometres of the Indian Railways network covered under Kavach.

At present, ‘Kavach’ work is in progress on Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Howrah corridors (3,000 route kilometres).

Kavach will be rolled out in 4,000 to 5,000 km every subsequent year.

What is Kavach?

‘Kavach’, which means armour, is the indigenously developed Automatic Train Protection (ATP) system. It is being promoted by the Indian Railways as the world’s cheapest automatic train collision protection system.

Through ‘Kavach‘ trains will stop on their own when digital system notices any manual error like “jumping” of the red signal or any other malfunction. This will avoid accidents and many unwanted errors.

‘Kavach’ is developed by Research Design and Standards Organization (RDSO).

The major achievement of this ‘Kavach’ is that it is designed, developed and manufactured in India and will be deployed in India and exported to the world

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